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with Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure. Improve patient outcome with solutions that deliver excellent image quality while lowering radiation exposure, making CT scanning safer even for the most delicate patients.

CARE Dose Configurator

When adjusting the parameters for a scan, the primary application CARE Dose Configurator allows you to better manage dosage with respect to the patient's anatomy.

  • More precise and simplified configuration of dose modulation parameters
  • Organ- and habitus-sensitive dose modulation delivers better image quality
  • Enhancement of CARE Dose4D with new reference curve



CARE kV automatically tailors tube voltage to the individual patient and clinical indications.

  • The first automated, exam-specific voltage setting
  • Dose saving potential through optimized kV settings
  • Optimized contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) for higher image quality
  • Simplifies processes by automatically aligning mAs with the kV setting


CARE Child

Sensitive scanning for your smallest patients.

  • Dedicated pediatric CT imaging with 70 kV scan modes and specific CARE Dose4D curves to significantly lower radiation
  • Optimized dose distribution with special modulation curves for children
  • Dedicated pediatric CT imaging package with specific pediatric protocols


CARE Dose4D™

Achieve significant dose reductions with automated dose modulation for individual patient size and shape while producing optimal image quality.

  • Enables the right dose with mAs tailored to size and shape of individual patient
  • Improves workflow via quality reference mAs value for automated dose modulation
  • Offers pre-defined dose modulation settings for children, adults and bariatric patients


CARE Profile

CARE Profile allows you to intuitively visualize dosage so you can actively manage it during scan preparation.

  • Visualization of the dose distribution along the topogram prior to the scan
  • Optimized dose distribution delivers higher image quality
  • Active dose management with intuitive visualization


CARE Dashboard

With CARE Dashboard, you can observe the potential and applied dose-reduction methods during scan preparation to actively analyze and manage the dose-reduction potential.

  • Visualization of activated dose reduction options for each scan range
  • Indicates additional options available for achieving the full dose-reduction potential
  • Active dose management with intuitive visualization


CARE Contrast

Synchronization and management of scan and contrast media injection.

  • Increase process efficiency and standardize quality of care
  • Technology that lets you synchronize and manage CT scan and contrast media injection



Organ dose reduction for dose-sensitive body parts.

  • Reduce the organ dose for radiation-sensitive body parts e.g. eye lenses, while maintaining image qualtiy