Initiatives and Resources

Siemens Healthineers engagement programmes

Initiatives and Resources

The interactive game has been designed to demonstrate the link between food groups, nutrition and the body’s needs, for example, dairy products containing calcium are used to build strong bones thus giving pupils the opportunity to decide what the body needs to build/retain power/health.

Pupils select the correct food from each of the five food groups shown as illustrations and feed them to the body to ensure it continues to function and grow healthily.

The Curiosity Project is underpinned by an extensive education programme providing free, stimulating and unique STEM-related resources that bring STEM education to life. The scheme hosts a range of interactive education materials supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related subjects; from highly interactive schemes of work for practical application in the classroom, to engaging 3D games based on some of the most ground-breaking industrial projects and technologies in the UK. The content connects teachers and young people through a range of curriculum-based schemes of work and interactive teaching methods.

The investment is in response to engineering companies needing 1.86 million people with engineering skills from 2010-2020. Therefore the UK needs to double the numbers of engineering-related apprentices and graduates coming out of colleges and universities.

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