An introduction to basic 2D functionality of Siemens Healthineers Artis systems

Siemens Healthineers Academy

Course description

This is a one day course held at one of our Clinical Education Reference sites, and is aimed at all users of Siemens Healthineers Artis systems. This course offers an introduction to the basic functionality of all Artis systems, topics such as the browser, principles of acquisition and fluoroscopy, DSA and Roadmap.

Software versions VC21 onwards


1 day

Target audience

All Siemens Healthineers Artis system users (inc new starters, current users and core trainers)

Learning outcomes

  • An introduction to Siemens Artis systems.
  • An overview of Browser functionality.
  • How to adjust and improve image quality.
  • Understanding the basic principles of DSA and Roadmap image formation

Course presenter

Clinical Application Specialist


Max 5 people

Course ID


Price and credits

£340 per person (with a Siemens Healthineers Service Contract)
£1020 per person (without a Siemens Healthineers Service Contract)


Education Plan Credit:
20 credits per person

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