MRI Fundamentals - VE11 Software (Aera, Skyra, AvantoFit)

Siemens Healthineers Academy

Course description

This 2 day course will provide the delegate with a fundamental understanding of how the syngo MR VE11 software and parameter cards link to the physical principles of MRI. Each subject includes hands-on practice using simulator software. A basic understanding of MRI Physics is assumed.

Target audience

Radiographers and Advanced Practitioners.

Is this course for you?

Would you like to gain a comprehensive understanding of Siemens Healthineers MRI parameters?

Would you like to learn about the spin echo and gradient echo
sequence options available with Siemens Healthineers?

Would you like to learn about resolution, signal and scan time, beyond the basics of matrices and averages?

Would you like to understand DWI imaging & different fat saturation techniques?

Learning outcomes

  • Image Formation advanced
  • Basic TSE and GE sequences
  • syngo MR Parameters
  • Signal, resolution and time - beyond the basics
  • Spin echo and Gradient echo hybrid sequences
  • Fat Saturation
  • Advanced DWI
  • Artefacts 

Course presenter

Clinical Application Specialist


Max 8 people

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Price and credits

£680 per person (with a Siemens Healthineers Service Contract)


Education Plan Credit:
40 credits per person

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