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Professor Bernd Tomandl, MD, Head of the Radiology and Neuroradiology Clinic, Christophsbad Medical Center, Göppingen

"We could access our archive during the entire migration process, so there was no downtime."
Professor Bernd Tomandl, MD
Head of the Radiology and Neuroradiology Clinic, Christophsbad Medical Center, Göppingen, Germany

Turn your PACS replacement into practice
The implementation starts with the installation and integration of the new PACS system. That process is accompanied by the adaption or update of the interfaces to external systems.

PACS migration with Smart Data Conversion

PACS migration with Smart Data Conversion
This is the heart of the PACS migration: Copy your imaging data of all types on DICOM level with optionally changing or updating your DICOM tags – on the fly. Intelligent prefetching of any older patient data facilitates the workflows. Multi-threading  speeds up the migration while the migration control permanently balances the load sharing to avoid any impact on the radiologist’s workflow. You can use the migration process to do house-keeping with the data itself – and get rid of all the junk data that  you no longer need. A migration manager will supervise the migration from the first to the last day and will help you with any issue or question.

Customizing the new PACS system
Adapt the application settings to the specific needs of the different users and clinical workflows. Layouts can be customized as well as loading or archiving rules.

At last: The final check
When the implementation and the customizing have been completed there will be a validation to proof this. Is the data in the new PACS system correct and complete? A final project report will verify if all goals have been reached or of there are still some  adjustments to be made.

PACS migration made easy

The success story of Christophsbad Medical Center in Germany

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