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syngo.via WebViewer provides mobile access to images - in diagnostic reading quality

syngo.via WebViewer
syngo.via WebViewer app

syngo.via WebViewer1 is the mobile extension of syngo.via. A tablet or web browser is all you need to access images in diagnostic reading quality, including thin-slices and image reconstructions, from Apple devices.2 If you cannot access a syngo.via workstation, for example, when you are somewhere in the hospital outside of the radiology department, traveling or at home – with syngo.via WebViewer, you get instant mobile access3 to clinical cases, displayed in excellent quality. 
Starting with the syngo.via VA30 version, a syngo.via WebViewer license for one user is now part of every syngo.via delivery.4 The application is also available as an extension to existing syngo.via installations. It allows all syngo.via users to enter the world of high quality mobile imaging.



Key benefits

  • Enterprise mobile image reading
  • Excellent image display capabilities with remarkable speed allow for high speed image reading in time critical cases away from a workstation3
  • Diagnostic reading quality on both iPad1 and with a web browser displayed on diagnostic grade monitor
  • Seamless collaboration with fellow physicians
  • Access with easy-to-use app for iPad2, iPhone2 and iPod Touch2 and over your computer with a standard web browser
  • Illustrate and discuss results with patients – in a clear, confident and convincing way – directly on an iPad or any PC with internet connection 


Introducing syngo.via WebViewer into the On-call consultation workflow at Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann in Potsdam, Germany showed significant cost savings. The possibility for physicians on-call to access radiological images with mobile devices lead to a complete process change. Based on this study you can calculate the estimated cost savings for your institution with the syngo.via WebViewer Return-on-Invest (ROI) calculator. 

Find the calculator under “Downloads”

1 The application syngo.via WebViewer is not for diagnostic viewing/reading on mobile devices in the US. Please refer to your sales representative whether the product is available for your country. Diagnostic reading of images with a web browser requires a medical grade monitor. For iPhone and iPad country specific laws may apply. Please refer to these laws before using for diagnostic reading/viewing. For Japan: Applications on iPhone / iPad / iPod are not a medical device in Japan. Use at your own risk. They are not intended to be used for diagnosis.

2 Apple, the iPhone, the iPad, iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

3 Prerequisites include: Internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.

4 Only available for new installations of syngo.via VA30 (Workstation, L – or XL Software) with new SKU-F HW.

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