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What is the REACH Program?

What is the Reach Program?

In Africa, AIDS infection remains at plague levels – a health crisis on an unprecedented scale for modern times. Currently, Africa has 22.5 million HIV-infected people, an astounding 60 percent of global HIV cases. An estimated 2 million more people are being infected each year.1 

A widespread lack of infrastructure basics and the prevalence of other infectious diseases have made it difficult to stem the epidemic. According to researchers, 90 percent of Africa's AIDS victims risk early death because they lack access to appropriate healthcare.

Siemens' response to the crisis:

  • Cooperation with funding agencies and local partners
  • Access to cost-effective healthcare
  • Viral load and drug resistance testing


The REACH Program consists of:

  • Flexible platforms
  • Flexible reagent pricing with cost-effective, total solutions
  • Operator training, on-site and off-site
  • Leaders in HIV research and development
  • Key partnerships with leading NGOs and public and private laboratories 

REACH – Resources Embracing Africa with Care and Hope

1 UNAIDS(2007). AIDS epidemic update. UNAIDS report. Accessed 18 June 2008 at


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