Eclipse RD Cyclotron

Eclipse RD Cyclotron
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Straightforward Design for Powerful Production

Siemens Eclipse™ RD cyclotron, an 11 MeV negative ion single particle accelerator, produces Curie levels of positron emitting radioisotopes — 18F, 11C, 13N and 15O. Its self-shielded, automated design offers you fast, easy, and efficient production of PET radioisotopes. Higher energy cyclotrons produce more neutrons of higher energy, which, in turn, increase activation of surrounding vault walls. This activation is minimized with the 11 MeV Eclipse. Using advanced technology, Eclipse targetry offers efficient production of PET isotopes with minimal use of enriched starting materials such as 18O water. Our systems offer high yields with reliable uptime. When it comes to the production of radiotracers, we see the ability to be automated yet flexible as key to producing consistently high yields. So we have simplified the production process and this, in turn, reduces the workload on your staff.

Deep Valley Design with Lowest Radiation Fields in the Industry

The Eclipse’s unique sector design, with a valley-to-hill gap ratio of 27:1, enables high quality beam focusing. This means improved beam transmission, greater production yields, and greatly reduced internal activation. The Eclipse uses a patented single-coil magnet that dramatically reduces the system’s power consumption. High efficiency guarantees high production capabilities coupled with low operating costs.

Flexible Design Targets with Unique 8- Carousel Target Changer

Eclipse target design enables Curie level yields of PET radioisotopes using minimal amounts of enriched target materials. Targets are easily installed and removed, minimizing radiation exposure. Changing targets does not require breaking the accelerator vacuum, contributing to the system’s unbeatable uptime. The unique 8-Carousel Target Changer for built-in expansion and back-up of slots requires only two beam ports that minimize the possibility of leaks and simplify beam alignment and extraction. Dual extraction (option) on the RD further allows two target changers to be mounted for a maximum of 16 target positions and the capability to simultaneously produce two different isotopes or to double the quantity of one.

Compact & Self-Shielded

The Eclipse’s self-shielded system substantially reduces radiation levels without the expense and space required for a vault. The Eclipse requires only a 14” thick concrete pad and a 24’ x 23’ x 14’H (7.01 m x 7.31 m) room, including all power supplies. Dose at room boundary is <2.0 mR/hour. The Eclipse self-shield is an engineered containment system, including a negative pressure effluent containment, prompt radiation shielding, and interlocked access control. This eliminates the cost of vault design for the facility. The system is also available without the self-shield for installation in existing vault spaces. The design of the Eclipse cyclotron reduces decommissioning costs as well since the self-shield can easily be removed without demolition at decommissioning, further reducing total cost of ownership.

Automated System Control

All major systems on the Eclipse are automatically controlled through a PC-compatible workstation. The control software incorporates an easy-to-use interface. The Eclipse control system also allows you to initiate production remotely and within minutes the system is ready to irradiate a target. You can easily control all functions of the cyclotron which allows you to optimize performance.

Ease of Serviceability

Vertical mounting of the ion source and extraction mechanism provides easy access and reduced maintenance time. The extraction carousel’s multiple, long-lived stripping foils enable extended operation before service is required.

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