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Explora FM
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Standard Features

The module can be used to perform various solid phase extraction (SPE) routines to provide user-defined formulation of a PET radiochemical. Explora™ FM module provides a simple automation of the purification process with flexible, user-friendly configuration software allowing you to design different purification schemes and custom routines. The FM module is particularly useful in the production of 18F – NaF. 


As configured from the factory, the Explora FM has two flow paths such that the system can be set up for two runs. Each pathway has two SPE cartridge slots. 


Siemens Explora family of radiochemistry modules, including the Explora FM Formulation Module, is part of a comprehensive line of radiochemistry modules for efficient PET compound preparation. All modules are computer controlled using a Windows®-based graphical user interface, offering both convenience and flexibility. 


Key Benefits

  • Closed-system design for clean synthesis operation and efficient onsite PET compound preparation
  • Compact, low-cost operation via readily available components
  • Minimal custom parts (uses conventional disposable glassware)
  • Convenient and customizable
  • One-year warranty  


  • Standalone, fully-automated solid phase extraction (SPE) module that can also be used with the Explora GN or Explora LC

Easy to Use

  • Flexible recipe-builder software allows end user to design custom purification schemes
  • All modules are computer controlled using a Windows-based graphical user interface, offering both convenience and flexibility.
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Novel recipe-building software for customized chemistry

Fully Automated

  • Performs up to two solid phase extraction (SPE) purifications for final product formulation.
  • Back-to-back run capability
  • Five radiation detectors can be placed at eight allowable positions

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