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  • List mode data format allows for flexible re-binning (Fourier and SSRB) and re-framing
  • Dual gated dynamic imaging
  • 2D reconstruction methods include 2D-FBP and 2D-OSEM
  • 3D reconstruction methods include 3D-RP, 3D-OSEM, 3D-MAP, 3D-OSEM+MAP, 3D-OSEM+fastMAP, OP-MAP, 3D-OSEM+fastMAP+OP-MAP
  • Corrections encompass normalization, CT-based attenuation correction, 57Co based attenuation correction (Inveon dedicated PET only), scatter correction, decay correction, deadtime correction and pileup rejection
  • Continuous bed motion acquisition for dedicated PET and step-and-shoot for transmission scanning


  • Modified Feldkamp reconstruction
  • Real-time high speed image reconstruction


  • List mode data acquisition
  • Reconstruction methods include parallel hole OSEM, single and multi-pinhole 3D-OSEM, single and multi-pinhole 3D-MAP

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