Siemens Healthineers at ECR 2019

European Congress of Radiology

Siemens Healthineers at ECR 2019
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Watch video interviews and impressions from Siemens Healthineers booth at ECR 2018.

Digital Mammography – from improving morphological assessment to functional imaging

We kicked off this year’s ECR with our 8th Breast Care Day. Chris Bow took the chance to talk to expert Dr. Pina about how digital mammography is evolving from a purely morphological technique to a more functional one.

Big data and precision medicine in breast care

At ECR 2018, Chris Brow talks to Dr. Tina Manoharan about the role of big data and precision medicine in breast care when it comes to getting the right diagnosis, enabling the right treatment at the right time, for each patient.

Radiomics and the potential of big data in radiology

Radiomics was a big topic at ECR 2018. Our booth guide Chris Brow spoke to Dr. Clemens Kaiser and Dr. Ritse M. Mann about how all this diagnostic data can help to optimize treatment decisions in multi-disciplinary.

FAST integrated workflow in CT

Variations in patient positioning can lead to increased dose and inconsistent patient positioning. The FAST Integrated Workflow with the FAST 3D Camera1 recognizes body contours and anatomical landmarks at the touch of a button and enhances your CT workflow with the help of AI. Expanding precision medicine by reducing unwanted variation.

Transforming care delivery with ACUSON Juniper ultrasound system

From early diagnosis to therapy planning, guidance and follow-up - ultrasound plays a pivotal role in the overall patient care continuum. With traditional ultrasound systems there’s always been a tradeoff between form & function - until now. Meet ACUSON Juniper.

Digitalizing Healthcare in Radiology

With all the data coming in from medical devices, the pressing questions is: how can this tremendous amount of data be analyzed to create useful information?

Expanding precision medicine with BioMatrix technology – MAGNETOM Sola 1.5T MRI System

Consistency is a huge topic in MR imaging, as different anatomies can cause unwarranted variations. Instead of expecting patients to adjust to technology, BioMatrix adjusts to the individual patient offering a possibility for truly personalized exams.

Transforming care delivery – Cios Select FD

Transforming care delivery means for us to increase access to high-quality healthcare and enabling access to better technologies on all levels. Cios Select is our new mobile C-arm with flat-detector technology.

Advancing therapy outcome –Cios Spin

More surgical procedures are done minimally invasive. Chris Brow, our booth guide at ECR2018, talked with our expert Hauke Prenzel about the latest in mobile C-arms and how they may change intraoperative imaging.

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