Community diagnostic centres – making the vision a reality

Early diagnosis and access to treatment is essential in improving patient care and health outcomes

Mar 02, 2018

Healthcare providers today are facing a wide range of challenges in delivering rapid disease diagnosis. Factors such as population changes, rising demand for appointments, ageing equipment base and limited funding significantly influence the current practice.

With the increasing volume of patients, hospital trusts are struggling to meet their target waiting times. This in turn brings further strains on the health economy as well as causing patient anxiety and potentially allowing disease to progress.

In some cases, the diagnostic process is delayed by long waiting lists at hospitals. However, for many patients attending a dedicated diagnostics facility in the community rather than making a journey to the nearest hospital would be preferable.

Addressing this issue, Siemens Healthineers is looking to partner with provider organisations to establish community diagnostic facilities to achieve quicker disease diagnosis in a way that delivers value and benefits to patients and relieves pressure on hospital services.

By providing the equipment, infrastructure, financial solutions and ongoing support, Siemens Healthineers enables providers to create flexible community diagnostic centres that achieve better patient care and outcomes at lower costs.

To find out more about Siemens Healthineers community diagnostic solutions, read the brochure here or download case studies below.

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