Peter Harrison discusses innovation in the NHS

Oct 19, 2017

Peter Harrison, Managing Director for GB and Ireland met with seven healthcare industry experts recently to discuss the importance of encouraging innovation against the backdrop of the drive to limit unwarranted variation in the NHS. An online report of the roundtable debate is now available in Health Service Journal.

All experts agreed that innovation must be central to the work of the NHS, For some panellists, encouraging elimination of unwarranted variation and promoting innovation were viewed as complementary. While Peter supports standardisation of best practice, he highlighted that there is nevertheless the need to innovate and evolve what that best practice looks like.

Peter’s main takeaway from the roundtable is that adoption of best practice can not be held in as high regard as being innovative - yet often it is the adoption of best practice that is the most appropriate route to drive up quality and reduce costs. He also believes that data will play a significant role in reaching this point as it allows us to assess benchmark positions and compare against other practices in England as well as abroad.

To hear more on Peter’s views and other arguments in the debate on promoting innovation in the NHS, visit Health Service Journal here.