Managed Equipment Service

Placing efficiency at the heart of operations to improve clinical outcomes

Apr 29, 2016

A Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES) provides you with a proven partnership model to achieve improved quality of care and operational excellence. It allows access to innovative technology for a fixed annual fee, whilst managing all your equipment concerns including maintenance and ongoing replacement, in a bespoke model. As hospitals strive to improve efficiency and workflow to improve clinical outcomes, the concept of a flexible relationship with a global pioneer of bespoke healthcare solutions can help to achieve Trust goals whilst addressing wider issues in the ever changing healthcare landscape. A MES partnership with Siemens enables you to concentrate on what's most important - patient care.

Benefits of an MES


As budget constraints face the NHS, funding upfront capital costs has become a challenge for many Trusts. A Siemens MES typically covers a period of 10-25 years for a fixed annual fee to ensure financial forecasting is made easy.


Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, meaning it can be hard for hospitals to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations. A Siemens MES guarantees ongoing access to cutting-edge medical systems based on a vendor independent rolling replacement programme.


Lord Carter's review of efficiency encourages Trusts to make improvement in many aspects of working including staffing, patient throughput and spending. A Siemens MES ensures the best possible performance of all hospital systems, supporting clinical efficiency and operational KPIs.


Patient numbers are constantly growing as an ageing population sees more individuals with health problems, leading to some healthcare providers struggling to keep pace. A Siemens MES provides significant service improvements for improved throughput and continuous learning.


Trusts are measured on many aspects of performance and there has been a recent surge of hospitals being placed in special measures. A Siemens MES offers risk transfer as technology availability, obsolescence, depreciation, maintenance and service is managed by Siemens.


The healthcare environment is ever changing and each area in the UK faces its own unique challenges from disease prevalence to funding availability. A Siemens MES offers a flexible and bespoke solution to meet hospital needs based on your individual requirements.

What do our customers think

Head of Radiology and Cardiology at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust:

“Siemens has replaced system at Airedale, which in some cases was 28 years old, with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.This has led to a positive impact on examination times and image quality. The Trust has witnessed a reduction in the need for repeat examinations which in turn reduces dose exposure. Due to equipment availability, throughput has also improved and the Trust now faces very little system downtime.”

Equipment Project Manager at Barts Health NHS Trust

“Siemens is an all-round player, it has technical strength across every area as well as a reputation for being solid and dependable.”

Radiology Services Manager at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

“New imaging equipment makes a massive difference to the services we provide to patients and in boosting the radiology team’s morale. We’ve been struggling for years with old devices that frequently broke down and impacted on our ability to meet targets.”

Operations Director at Metier Healthcare

“The Trust certainly expects Siemens to keep them at the forefront of technology, but more than anything else they want reliable equipment and a team that rapidly responds to any issues that may arise.”

Principal Radiographer at Royal Stoke University Hospital

We are now one of a handful of hospitals across the UK to achieve accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS). Part of the eligibility requires demonstration of a robust capital programme; the MES has enabled this through fixed payments and transparent costs.”

General Manager at Catalyst Healthcare

“The number of changes to the equipment, with volume increasing by 50 percent, put Siemens under a lot of pressure, but they responded very well and were very flexible.”