First experiences: a fresh perspective on UKRC

Jun 22, 2016

For the past 15 years, UKRC has delivered a platform for radiologists and other clinicians to come together to learn, network and share ideas about radiology. Siemens has ensured a continuously strong presence at the event to support its customers with its latest innovations as well as providing educational insight through a range of workshops and seminars. Although UKRC veterans, Siemens is always looking for a different perspective on ways of working to ensure innovation, enthusiasm and creativity.


This year, Hannah Evans, Share Administrator at Siemens Healthineers attended to provide a fresh viewpoint on the event that excites Siemens and delegates alike every June. Hannah, a Siemens employee for over a year, is heavily involved with the orders of medical imaging systems, but had not yet fully experienced the true value and patient outcomes that imaging equipment can provide. We followed her progress at UKRC in witnessing this for the first time:


Hannah Evans
UKRC diary 6th June 2016


I have just arrived at UKRC in the AAC Liverpool. My first impressions of the Siemens stand are that it is very impressive and larger than I had anticipated. There is a lot of information on the stand around various topics that I am looking forward to taking in and a lot of equipment I’d like to take a closer look at.


The exhibition space is very interesting and I have taken a tour to see what is on offer for delegates. For me, the stands that include vibrant colours and branding stand out from the crowd. It is interesting to see how different vendors are capturing delegate interest and even communicating a part of their heritage, I certainly did not expect to see a spitfire and a tractor on the exhibition floor!

I am in the process of watching a CT trends user group on the Siemens stand; there are lots of delegates here keen to find out how to adjust their medical imaging practice in 2016. From the user group I can see that Siemens is committed to more than just providing cutting-edge equipment, it also provides education on the key trends clinicians need to be aware of in order to evolve with the healthcare landscape.


There are some mini MRI models including a make-at-home cardboard cut-out on the Siemens stand used to educate children and ease any fears they may have during a scan. It is great to see how Siemens supports not only clinicians, but also patients, parents and teachers. I have also been informed about some of the other educational tools such as the Siemens MRI Experience app that are also available.


An online network called teamplay by Siemens is being launched at UKRC, one of the representatives gave me a great overview of the tool. I never knew just how much data imaging systems produce. It is fantastic to see a solution that makes sense of, and simplifies, all of this data to make life easier for clinicians and provide more informed decisions for management.


It is coming towards the end of the day and my feet are starting to hurt after my first experience of UKRC. To round it off, I have just had a gripping demonstration of syngo.via in action for cardiology imaging. It makes locating and measuring a blockage in the heart look so simple. I have learnt so much about the applications for the imaging systems which make advanced techniques and procedures possible. I hope to attend again next year!

Siemens is dedicated to sharing experiences and best practice, between both customers and its internal team who are core to ensuring continous improvement for product development and service. UKRC will continue to provide a platform to relay this and ensure that clinicans are educated on the most cutting-edge and accessible technological innovations currently available.

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