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More efficiency for your image review process

syngo RT Oncologist
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The right application for every clinical task
syngo® RT Oncologist offers an array of applications to support your clinical tasks in radiotherapy. Especially designed for image review and approval as well as segmentation of target volumes and other structures, syngo RT Oncologist brings all the tools you need together in one workplace, while the syngo user interface makes operating the software easy and intuitive.

More efficiency for your image review

For image review and approval, you need software that supports you in handling great numbers of images and data – as efficient as possible. The syngo RT Oncologist worklist shows you all unreviewed images at a glance and gives direct access to related data, speeding up your image review.

  • Fast image review, electronic approval
  • Easy access to relevant data and images
  • Streamlined workflow

Paperless workflow between review and therapy

For image review, you require an easy way to approve or reject the proposed offset value. syngo RT Oncologist even allows you to determine a second offset without overwriting the first. Electronic approval will automatically send your new decision to the linac’s control console, syngo RT Therapist.

  • Easy electronic approval
  • Second offset calculation
  • Paperless communication with treatment delivery system

Speed up contouring with Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation is a set of computer-aided contouring tools based on CT, MR, and PET images. Choose the segmentation tool that fits your needs best, e.g., single stroke for homogeneous organic structures like kidney or foreground/background seeds for inhomogeneous tissues like lung or liver.

  • Single stroke, e.g., for kidney, bladder
  • Fore-/background seeds, e.g. for liver
  • Model-based segmentation, e.g. prostate

Fast fusion for enhanced segmentation

syngo RT Oncologist lets you quickly align and visualize two different datasets from one patient, e.g., from CT, MR, PET•CT or SPECT modalities, providing functional and morphological information on a single image – ideal for contouring of your GTV, CTV and PTV.

  • Fusing datasets from multiple modalities
  • Functional and morphological information
  • Enhanced information for fast contouring

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