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Image-guided surgical and advanced interventional procedures require cutting-edge technology for exceptional performance. The trend towards minimally invasive treatment increases the importance of advanced, intraprocedural X-ray imaging to positively impact the results of procedures. Change the game in surgical and interventional procedures with the Artis zeego eco by offering state-of-the-art surgical and interventional treatment options with an angiography system that enables trendsetting technologies.

Flexible procedure execution

Increase procedural efficiency by providing uninterrupted, unobstructed access to your target area, and positively impact your workflow by bringing full flexibility to patient positioning.

Smoother and safer procedures

  • C-arm moves smoothly and quickly from the park position to the table
  • Shortens transition from open surgery to imaging
  • Advanced intra-operative imaging delivers essential information when needed

Unmatched patient positioning

Artis zeego’s eco robotic technology

  • Supports table angulations
  • Eases the execution of the procedure
  • Saves time and allows individual patient positioning

Flexible isocenter – the key differentiator

  • Allows to focus on the treatment area
  • Supports patient positioning
  • Improves procedure time
  • Increases physical comfort of patient

Ease the work of your team

  • Comfortable standing due to adaptable table height
  • Flexible isocenter maintains the focus on the procedures and the patient

Flexibility – supporting cutting-edge procedures and in-room assessment

Real-time 2D, 3D, and soft tissue visualization enables immediate decision-making and facilitates instant control for better outcomes. Outstanding imaging allows you to understand the current situation and double-check your results while the patient is on the table.

Safeguard your investment and competitive edge with your procedure mix

  • Artis zeego eco is the ideal imaging component in hybrid operating rooms
  • Offers 3D imaging for highly comples procedures (e.g. prostate artery embolization)
  • Eases the execution of the procedure with syngo Embolization Guidance

Achieve better decision-making during the procedure with intra-procedural 3D imaging

  • High quality imaging right at the table supports outcomes and treatment decisions
  • Delivers key details about the procedure without disturbing the setup

syngo DynaCT – the gold standard

  • Supports real-time soft tissue imaging
  • Enables rotational imaging in just 6 to 14 seconds for soft tissue visualization of large body areas
  • Industry unique robotic-assisted C-arm

Improve the outcome of procedures and reduce your readmission rates

  • Contrast media can harm patients, especially with renal issues and can cause further complications, e.g. temporal cancelation of a procedure.
  • The goal is to shorten the contrast bolus time
  • syngo Dyna3D High Speed helps to improve outcomes by providing visualization of moving organs with improved sharpness

Flexible use of space and resources

Boost your efficiency with an operating room that enables smoother workflows. Use the valuable resource of your operating room for multiple teams to suit the specific needs of your department, patients, and staff.

Support your clinical team with flexible use of space

  • Artis zeego eco supports surgical, interventional, or hybrid procedures
  • Facilitates multiple room usage
  • Improves the throughput of the department

Leverage space to perform a broader range of advanced procedures

  • Artis zeego eco has comfortable parking positions to free up space
  • Fast use of imaging to verify decisions or to document results
  • Improves significantly the department’s outcomes

Maintain highest hygienic standards by keeping the laminar airflow steady

  • Artis zeego eco allows uninterrupted laminar airflow – critical for the highest hygiene standards.
  • Surgical procedures with highest hygenic requirements can be performed enabling you to increase your room utilization.

Artis eco with PURE® - Adding smooth to smart.

Take your Artis zeego eco even further with our PURE platform to make interventional and surgical imaging easier and improve your system’s performance. For example, keep your focus on the patient: With the new heads-up display, there is no longer any need to look down at the control panel. And the 3D Wizard enables all users to perform 3D runs with step-by-step expert guidance integrated into the system.

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