The MAX effect - Where gains multiply

With the MAX effect you as a healthcare provider can:

  • Gain standardization for consistent, high quality results.
  • Gain savings on rooms, costs, and training time.
  • Gain satisfaction of patients, staff, referring physicians, and management.

To address today's radiologic needs, Siemens Healthineers has introduced MAX systems that cover the broadest range of applications in the market. The combination of MAX systems generates the MAX effect – multiplying your benefits in standardization, savings and satisfaction. Watch Dave, the head of the radiology department, share his experience below.

Gain standardization

Challenge: Whenever your technicians and radiologists have to adapt to a different imaging system's usability and new image impressions, you may end up wasting time and face the risk of errors.

By standardizing your workflow and image impressions according to your specific requirements, MAX systems help you gain:

  • enhanced diagnostic accuracy
  • fast switchovers between systems
  • flexible staff scheduling
  • high quality assurance
  • reduced reading time

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Gain savings






Challenge: Healthcare organizations around the world are facing increasing pressure to cut costs.

Discover the smart way to save with the MAX effect. Save investment costs thanks to detector swapping. Reduce the number of rooms required. And keep staff training to a minimum. Because to know one MAX system is to know them all.

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Gain satisfaction

Challenge: Decision-makers in radiology depend on the satisfaction of patients, staff and referring physicians. Both technicians and patients suffer when examinations cause unnecessary pain or discomfort. Referring physicians will look for alternatives if they have to wait for (potentially poor-quality) results.

Your staff will appreciate the automated support that MAX systems provide, their ease of use, and their short learning curve. Referring physicians and patients will be relieved to find that examinations are brief, low-dose and minimize the need for painful repositioning.

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MAX family

A unique portfolio of premium systems covering the broadest range of applications. MAX systems support healthcare providers in increasing outcomes and reducing costs.

> The more MAX systems you combine, the greater is the MAX effect.

Multitom Rax

  • Unique Twin Robotic X-ray scanner
  • Multitude of clinical applications in one room
  • Unique natural Real 3D images2

Mobilett Mira Max

  • High-end mobile X-ray machine
  • Digital system with wireless detector
  • MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray

Multix Fusion Max

  • Ceiling-mounted digital X-ray machine
  • Economical and high qualtiy
  • Flexible system configurations
  • MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray

Ysio Max

  • High-end digital X-ray machine
  • High-speed automated system positioning
  • Up to 4 detectors2
  • MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray

Luminos Agile Max

  • High-end digital patient-side fluoroscopy system
  • Dynamic flat detector
  • Dual-use for full radiographic capabilities with fully integrated 2nd plane2
  • MAX– Multiple Advances in X-ray

Luminos dRF Max

  • High-end digital 2-in-1 system for fluoroscopic radiographic exams
  • Wireless detectors2 and ceiling-suspended X-ray tube option
  • MAX - Multiple Advances in X-ray